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Short Bio of:
Dante Toccacelli

This born-and-raised Torontonian is currently at SLC and in his final semester in the musical theatre performance program. A few of  Dante’s past credits include Mike in Let's Dance at the Thousand Islands Playhouse’s Firehall Theatre in Gananoque (SLC/Terra Bruce), The Procrastination Fairy in Back & Forth at The Factory Theatre during the Fringe Festival in Toronto (Nightjan Productions), Munkustrap in CATS (St. Lawrence College), Lewis in Pippin (St. Lawrence College), John/Chase in the film King of the Night (Microphone Productions), Bob Fosse, Fosse Dancer, Singer in Exhibition A Collective Archive (St. Lawrence College), & Syd in The Tragedy of the Clanks at TIFF in 2019 (Directed by William McIntosh). Dante is currently based in both Toronto and Brockville at this time and has no representation but loves the work and loves meeting people with any facet of the performing arts industry!

Where you can contact Dante.

Besides contacting Dante through the contact menu. Dante does post covers and information about shows he's currently in on his performance art account.


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